adding mp3 to virtual cd

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adding mp3 to virtual cd

Post by donector »

I had already ripped quite a few of my cds into mp3, currently i'm interested into having a catalog of my cd.s as well.
however this cd catalog feature called virtual cd is only available when ripping cd.s

1) is there a way to add mp3 already ripped to the cd catalog?

2) for a Miles davis double album i have moved one track from one disc to the other (on the virtual cd) so the full album is under 1 disc-entry, but cannot remove one of the discs (now empty) is it possible to delete a CD from virtual cd ?

3) i also tried to edit the name of the album for example adding "live" in the the disc entry at the virtual cd with no success... :-?

anyone has any advice about acomplishing a cd catalog with mediamonekey?

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Re: adding mp3 to virtual cd

Post by Eyal »

1) Right-click -> Send to -> Virtual CD.

2) Additonal functions are available in Properties -> Virtual CD tab.

3) F2 key (in treeview)? Warning, it will also rename real mp3 files (in case you did #1 above).

Note: Sometimes you need to collapse/expand the tree as MM is not refreshing the displayed information.
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Re: adding mp3 to virtual cd

Post by Peke »

or use F5 to refresh.
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Re: adding mp3 to virtual cd

Post by Guest »

Hi guys

thanks for the answers!
well about deleting entries , you were right the problem was about refreshing...a few days later entries were deleted ...

about the central stuff about adding mp3 to he "virtual" cd list:

i used the option you mentioned, and it seemed to add the album.... nevertheless when i had a look at the actual files, to my dissapointment i found out that what was done, was that the full mp3 album WAS DUPLICATED with a new copy created into the "virtual cd" folder

i guess you agree with me that this is a highly unwanted behaviour, as the basic premise of virtual cd is exactly avoiding duplicated tracks: as mentioend, currently, it is just duplicating and then, hiding the duplication of mp3 under an apparent single entry in the db: as in the properties we only see the path of the original mp3, but upon exploring the folders you get another set of the same files and when the players plays them it is actyally playing the copies

would it be possible to improve this features so that upon adding already exisiting mp3, they are added to the cd list BUT NOT DUPICATING the actual files??

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