Multiple instances of MM on same machine?

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Multiple instances of MM on same machine?

Post by peter_h »

Is it possible to run multiple instances of MM on the same machine, sharing the same db, each outputting to a different sound card?

(I'm setting up a single quad-monitor server, where each monitor is in a different room, and has its own "virtual" desktop, controlled by remote. Muliple instances of VLC are used for video playback. For sound, I'm wanting each room to have an independent sound system, preferably via Mediamonkey)
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Re: Multiple instances of MM on same machine?

Post by rovingcowboy »

well now the multiple sound card did it in? i don't think that can be done in monkey. :-?
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Re: Multiple instances of MM on same machine?

Post by Lowlander »

I'm not sure if the sound card settings are saved in the ini file or the registry. If it's the inifile you can use the /inifile method. Otherwise you will need to setup the sound card for each instance you start every time you start MediaMonkey. Also make sure that in Tools > Options > General you allow for multiple instances.
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