Windows Mobile 6.1 Compatibility? (Can't see files)

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Windows Mobile 6.1 Compatibility? (Can't see files)

Post by mazingerZ »

Hi all,

I'm using MediaMonkey (which I've just discovered, and think is fantastic) along with a smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard (an HTC Ozone).

MediaMonkey detects the phone with no problems, as well as the storage card I have on it, and shows their file structure in the "Tree" panel. However, the Tree does NOT show individual files - only folders. As a result, I can't see what music I have on my device - I can only send music to it.

This basically makes syncing impossible (unless I wanted to do it manually). While it's not a huge problem, it is a little annoying since I was hoping something that would be like iTunes in that I could make playlists, alter them, sync them, etc.

Am I missing something in either Media Monkey or Windows Mobile that would enable Media Monkey to see and display the mp3's on my device (and sync them?)

Many thanks for any help,

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Re: Windows Mobile 6.1 Compatibility? (Can't see files)

Post by peter_h »

I can't even see my Windows Mobile Device in MM. Do I need to do anything in MM settings somewhere, to get it to show up?
:) Pete, from Wellington, New Zealand.

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