I need some opinions on tagging methods

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I need some opinions on tagging methods

Post by TaggingNightmare »

I'm looking for a bit of consistency with my stupid OCD tagging. It's all over the place and I've decided I've had enough, since I can't come to conclusions on my own.

Here's examples of common problems I find myself flip-flopping with:

Problem 1: I have : The "Overdose Mix" of KMFDM's "A Drug Against War"
IE: Using [] or () for remix names?

T: A Drug Against War [Overdose Mix]
T: A Drug Against War (Overdose Mix)

The [ ] makes some stuff get awfully block-y looking when six tracks in a row end up being remixes, so I started switching to parenthesis. But it then hit me that some songs have parenthetical titles, so using the () format would be wierd, ie: Orgy's "Fiction (Dreams in Digital) (Blue Zone Club Mix)" vs "Fiction (Dreams in Digital) [Blue Zone Club Mix]"
Problem 2: I have: The "Resister Mix" of "Victims Among Friends" by God Module, remixed by Suicide Commando.
IE: Giving credit to the remixer in the title?

Title: Victims Among Friends <Resister Mix> - fill that with either the [] or ()
Artists: God Module; Suicide Commando
Title: Victims Among Friends <Resister Mix by Suicide Commando> - or some variation of credit to SC in the Title?
Artists: God Module; Suicide Commando

The first one looks cleaner, but since I'm giving credit to guest performers (ie: Let Them Eat War (feat. Tim McIlrath)) I figured with the credit in title was more consistent. But it looks weird. Hmm...Maybe someone can give me a variation of that - so I can include the contributor in the title, but without saying something as blah as "by <artist>"
I have: Ministry's live version of "Psalm 69" from the SphincTour album, vs the regular album version
IE: Should I differenciate EP's/Demo's/Live/Best Of albums and tracks from their studio counterparts? At first it was cool, but then it started getting ugly after a while.

Album Name: [Live] SphincTour
Track Titles: [Live] Psalm 69

The reason that last practice came about was cause of my OCD for seeing anything in the Duplicate Titles list of the "Files to Edit" lists.


Damn it! isn't there some sort of official guideline thing out yet on how to label these sorts of things? Hahahaha.
Thanks for any input, guys. =]
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Re: I need some opinions on tagging methods

Post by SDJeff »

This is just my way of doing things:
Artist - Song (Remix, Feat, Live, Demo, Bonus, Outtake...)
I leave the "feat." in the song title, not in the artist field for sorting purposes.
For adding "(live)" or "(razormaid)" or "(demo)" I use the add on script: RegExp http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... =2&t=28510 . I've added my own mods where I can select a group of songs and add whatever suffixes I need to (ie (Live) ) the songs.

For Album Titles I use (Single), (EP), (Comp), [Remastered 20xx], [Re-released 20xx]. I don't use any qualifiers if it is a regular full length CD or LP.
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Re: I need some opinions on tagging methods

Post by Teknojnky »

I pretty much do the same as Jeff most of the time, otherwise I use however musicbrainz has it.
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Re: I need some opinions on tagging methods

Post by Rednroll »

For your 1st one, I always use "()" If the song has a () in the title and it's a remix..etc, I just follow that with another ().

So if you follow that, it always follows the format of SONG TITLE (description). So say the title is "Sumthin' Smells (Who farted?)" and it's the (Poopy Pants Mix). I would tag it like "Sumthin' Smells (Who farted?)(Poopy Pants Mix)" :D

For the giving credits part you described, I don't put any of that in the main tags. I put that in the "Lyrics Tag" page. So at the top of the page before the lyrics you can list all your credits "Remixed by: Deaf Engineer", "Produced By: Blind Dude" Lyrics: "Speak louder, I can't hear a thing....You could hear me, if I could only see where you're standing....etc..etc..
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