Unwanted low res album art problem

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Unwanted low res album art problem

Post by tirim4 »

Hello, this problem occurs in both Mediamonkey 3.2 and 4 beta versions. Seemingly out of nowhere Mediamonkey takes my mostly 500x500 or 600x600 album arts and converts them to some very low res files. This means I quite often have to search for all theese files and delete them They are named Albumartsmall.jpg and Folder.jpg. Any idea how to stop Mediamonkey from creating them? (I suppose it's meda monkey that creates them as I use it as my only music manager and player). For the record i allways save my album art in the id3 tag and as cover.jpg in the album folder.

Second, after this things can go two ways: Either some times passes and these files show up again or I get a low res album art that don't even show up in album art properties and when I exit it the low res album art disappears.
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Re: Unwanted low res album art problem

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As responded many times on the forum, this is not MediaMonkey, it is Windows Media Player. The only way around this problem is to make sure Windows Media Player isn't used on your music files (don't scan them into WMP). Also make sure your files aren't located in the Libraries folder.
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