How do I RIP a VIDEO?

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How do I RIP a VIDEO?

Post by Zzaj »

I thought I'd be able to just right-click on the title of the DVD and rip it to where I want it to go, but it comes up with the standard AUDIO RIP dialogue.

Can anyone help, or point me to a handy-dandy "guide" that tells me how to do this in MM4?

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Re: How do I RIP a VIDEO?

Post by nohitter151 »

MM does not rip videos (DVDs, bluray, etc.)
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How do I RIP a VIDEO?

Post by stender1 »

Media Monkey rips "data" DVDs only.

Can someone refer me to software that allows users to rip "video + audio" DVDs to hard drives?

I have video + audio college lectures on DVDs and wish to save them to my hard drive (not sell them).


July 22, 2012
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