Can't play Apple Lossless ootb?

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Can't play Apple Lossless ootb?

Post by Overzeetop »

Okay, so I've been away from MM for several years (old gold member) and thought I'd give MM another go on the new laptop since Apple doesn't believe in people owning and syncing an iDevice with more than two machines. I was shocked to find that MM4 can't play MP4/M4A or ALAC tracks out of the box.

Is there really no way to play an Apple Lossless or MP4 file without either buying a codec pack or installing Quicktime? Is there compatibility with any other form of library, like those that ship with dBpoweramp or VLC (both of which play these file ootb and come with dll decoders)?
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Re: Can't play Apple Lossless ootb?

Post by nohitter151 »

This actually depends which operating system you use, since Win 7 and up can play m4a files natively and MM uses system codecs to play files.

If you use Vista or lower, you will need to install Quicktime in order to get the necessary codecs to play the file (or install the addon as you mentioned).

Another option is to use the Winamp player (VLC /dbpoweramp not supported as players).
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