Help, rescanned and my library doubled in size

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Help, rescanned and my library doubled in size

Post by windcrest77 »

OK, I think I know why my library went from 250,000 songs to 500,000 songs after doing a re-scan.

The problem is now, how do I get rid of all the duplicates?

I rescanned my NAS from a mapped drive letter, previously in the past I would scan using the \\sharename of the NAS I assume this is what happened. Now how do I reverse this?

Would the easiest and fastest way be to uninstall then re-install MM, delete the DB file, then re-scan the NAS fresh using the share path name?

It takes MM about 27 hours to rescan my NAS so I'm thinking this would be fastest. Is there a built in function available to remove all the library rows that were scanned from the "X" drive which was the map letter I used last time I started this scan yesterday? Today I fired up my computer and I have 500,000 tracks and clicking the library tree takes about 2 minutes to populate the grid.

I want to do this in the safest way possible.
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Re: Help, rescanned and my library doubled in size

Post by Lowlander »

Just delete it from the Location node so all files on it are removed from the Library.
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