Network Drive issues

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Network Drive issues

Post by mwg47x »

Hi folks.
Opened MMW today and album art isn't showing for any album.
It was there last nothing.

Started looking around and noticed MMW got confused over the location of my music.
I have it on a mapped network drive; a DFS share to be exact, spread across a few Windows servers.
Every server has a complete copy of the share via replication.

Anyways MMW lost the drive letter.
If I do a locate missing files it shows the current path as:
It should read Y:\music

Should I just hard map it to a particular server name?
For instance:
\\server name\data\music
Do you think it might behave better set up like that?
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Re: Network Drive issues

Post by Lowlander »

A UNC Path as you suggest is preferred as it bypasses the problem where Windows may re-assign the driveID for a mapped drive (it shouldn't).

You can use the following Addon to resolve the current situation: ... =2&t=63823
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