Podcasts not updating/downloading

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Podcasts not updating/downloading

Post by svburke »

Hi MediaMonkey users! I've been away for a while but am getting back into the program.

I've just added some podcasts by pasting their URLs into the subscription dialog and I can see the podcasts listed under "Podcasts" in the tree. However no episodes are showing up -- I've tried updating all, updating individually, and rebooting and updating again -- no luck. Concurrent downloads set to 4, so that shouldn't be a problem. There's just nothing happening! Any suggestions? Thanks folks,

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Re: Podcasts not updating/downloading

Post by Lowlander »

Are the Subscriptions not showing any Episodes, or are the Episodes not downloading?

Re: Podcasts not updating/downloading

Post by FrustratedAF »

I am having a similar problem. I am just trying to find some software that can download/play podcasts, this is apparently not it. I have tried manually adding a podcast, since the one I want doesn't show up on thier default list. Nothing shows up in the program, the podcasts page is completely blank and no matter how many times I click "Update Podcast" nothing actually happens. So far MediaMonkey has proven to be nothing but worthless, frustrating garbage.
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Re: Podcasts not updating/downloading

Post by NuclearSkyDiver »

Yes, I have to say that the Podcast functionality is the most frustrating part about MediaMonkey. I've wasted SO much time trying to get them to work.
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Re: Podcasts not updating/downloading

Post by Peke »

When you open Podcast properties do you see Update URL?

I just checked 20+ of my subscriptions and all updated correctly.
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