Flac on NAS - best strategy?

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Flac on NAS - best strategy?

Post by ClausWobbe »

Hi all
I'm new here and just configuring MM Gold for the first time. I'm looking for good strategies to cover my situation which is:
I have all my music in FLAC format on my NAS server. I would like to play this music on my PC as well as on my Android smartphone (I also have MM Pro for Android) when on the road.

What is my best configuration for this?

Do I need to convert all my FLAC to MP3 and store this locally on my PC and sync to phone to play on my phone?

Thanks for any good ideas or input.
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Re: Flac on NAS - best strategy?

Post by freedomfries323 »

So, if you're using your NAS as the file server, just a basic repository of your media, I will go from the assumption that your PC stays on and runs the Media Monkey Server service.

This server service is NOT necessary to play all your media on your PC. Your media is directly rendered by the MM client, reading from the network drive. This will allow you to play anything, and read the playlists directly from the directories on your NAS.

Things get trickier if you need to serve these files outside your network, or to a device other than a computer that runs MM client software. Of course, you could use other programs to access your media located on your NAS, from other devices like a smart TV, xbox, or your phone.

Using the MMserver service lets you use DLNA standard to serve media to different clients. I use the DLNA server service to serve music to my onkyo receiver, and it plays everything without needing to transcode on the fly. For serving outside of your network, you should probably do transcoding to 160kbps and test it out. Since it's your PC that serves themusic and transcodes it, you should be able to encode on the fly, as needed. There's always the option to make and MP3 duplicate of your library, and serve it without using on the fly transcoding. Sorry can't help you more. Good luck

Re: Flac on NAS - best strategy?

Post by killick »

I am in sorta the reverse situation. I have 40k cuts on my laptop that I DJ with, and they are auto-synchronized to my QNAP NAS.

I wanted to play them from the NAS on other devices in my home. I tried DLNA using various clients, and Plex with third party and native Plex clients. Most everything worked fine. As ff323 says the transcoding was transparent - I couldn't actually tell whether or not they were being transcoded, the old mp3s and the scattered aac and other legacy stuff just played, no issues.

However, none of the clients could handle the number of cuts. Scrolling was desperately slow, playlists would have to be recreated (which may just be a QNAP thing), searching was close to unusable, and most of the tags MM supports were not usable. If I knew the name of a song or album I could type it and play it, clean and high quality. But I am too used to excellent searching, and multiple different ways to find what I want that MM provides.

So I bought three Chromecast Audio units (no longer made, got them from the UK) for the three places I hang out, and stream to them from the laptop.
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Re: Flac on NAS - best strategy?

Post by Peke »

Have you tried MMS?

https://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewt ... 31&t=90809

Let me know in PM with More QNAP Details (Model/QTS) and I should try to make you native QPKG.
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