MMclient to a PLEX server?

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MMclient to a PLEX server?

Post by freedomfries323 »

I'm considering different options to move my media library from my PC to a NAS. I want to keep using MM as a client on my PC, which doesn't require any kind of special configuration on the NAS, other than file serving. However, I'd also like to keep a DLNA server for my living room stereo system, and hopefully also be able to stream my music while on the road. The idea is to no longer need to keep my PC on to run the MM DLNA server from it. The NAS will now do this.

I know most NAS have DLNA support, but how about serving media outside. I'm looking at PLEX, and was wondering if MMW can connect to a PLEX server as a client on my PC... I know it can connect to other DLNA servers, so that is also an option.

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Re: MMclient to a PLEX server?

Post by Blomi »

First sorry! I am no help.
I got invited to a Plex server of my brother last weekend and I was thinking the same as you. I'd like to use my MediaMonkey as usual with the Plex Server of my brother.
So I wrote here to improve the need for help.
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Re: MMclient to a PLEX server?

Post by Peke »

It is possible to connect Plex to other DLNA servers, but DLNA usually involves transcoding. The best way is to have direct access over UNC by sharing Library or in cases where MMA/MMW is not available then Path/Filename organizing gets handy. DLNA simplify access/searches but you can't control quality on client side as it is controlled on server and DLNA also serves own filenames (in some cases randomly generated) that making thing difficult.

I personally Use ... -download/ to Browse QNAP and play Music/Videos/... and it plays files in MMA
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Re: MMclient to a PLEX server?

Post by Lowlander »

MediaMonkey can connect to a PLEX DLNA server, but this is within the same network as that's what DLNA is designed for.
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