Audio won't switch to headphones

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Audio won't switch to headphones

Post by sterlingm »

Is this a MediaMonkey issue or a windows issue?

With MM open I'm playing music through my speakers on the computer (doesn't matter if it's a notebook or desktop). I flip on the blue-tooth headphones. My computer shows that the headphones are now the default source for audio, but MM still is playing through the computer speakers.
The above is with music actively playing.

This is where it gets interesting.

I stop the track. And click the play button. Sometimes, but not often, it'll start playing through the headphones. I found that if I right click and select Play Now it'll play more often through the headphones but again not always.

I restart MM and the headphones are now available and music will play through them. I turn off the headphones and the sound immediately comes through the computer speakers.

It's failing so often now I'm just restarting media monkey every time I need to use the headphones. This is annoying and clearly a first world problem.

Why would it go one way but not the other?

Lenovo Carbon X1 (7th gen) / Happens on a desktop Custom build as well.
Windows 10
Sony MDR-XB950BT

Just thought I'd mention this behavior in case others are experiencing it also.
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Re: Audio won't switch to headphones

Post by Lowlander »

Tools > Options > Output Plug-ins and configure the Output Plug-in. Make sure the correct Audio Device is selected.
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