Maximum Quality for M4A Only 152 Not 320?

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Maximum Quality for M4A Only 152 Not 320?

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Am I correct in reading the settings in MM4 that the highest-quality M4A I can rip or convert to is only 152kbps?

If so, is there is good reason why it doesn't go to 320kbps like for MP3s?

Mostly, I've used MM (for *years*!) just for library organization, but if I could use it for device-sync as well, then I'm eliminating bloat on my computer. For best quality on my iDevices, I try to use M4A at 320kbps, but if I can't rip my CDs at that rate, or convert FLAC files to that rate to sync to my iDevices, then apparently I'll need to keep other software installed.