Library: Settings and Visualizations

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Library: Settings and Visualizations

Post by schubertino »

I really need your help, I'm no expert at all.
I have to create a library with all the liquid music contained in an external HD.
Unfortunately the collection is of classical music and, as you know, it is difficult to catalogue.
One of the biggest problems are the tags and metadata, the default ones are often inaccurate and approximate, if not even wrong ( the reason remains a mystery )
Now since quarantine began, I've been making many unsuccessful attempts.
My wish would be to have a navigable library organized as follows:
Left column with Composers names ( done )
Then clicking on a Composer I would like to have the Compositions ( not the albums like now ) displayed.
Then clicking on a Composition I would like to see a list of all the different performances of the same composition ( for example all the recordings of a Symphony without the single tracks but with all the tags - as I will write later - ).
Then clicking on the single recording, finally all the tracks.
The tags I need are:
Composer - Composition Name - Conductor - Orchestra - Date - Soloist - Label - Cover - filetype - bitrate.
Do you think MediaMonkey is able to meet these needs?
Would any of you be able to help me?
The second problem is:
my tags are particular and do not respect the normal standard tags...could you help me to find the right matches for Orchestra , Soloist?
Thank you all for your help, I'm sure that among you there will be an expert or a classical music lover who has faced the same problems.