Changed my Data Drive. How to preserve ratings

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Changed my Data Drive. How to preserve ratings

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I replaced my failing desktop data drive. Never did think to check out how Media Monkey worked before doing so. I rescanned one large 10GB folder of music only to discover that it populated in MM as duplicates. The music from my old Drive E: was displayed in "greyed out" subdued display. It was obvious what happened since the two drives had different names.

If I had known at the start that the database tracks items by device ID, I might have stopped before I got this far.
I want keep my ratings and play history. So how do I (1) erase the effect of this last scan (essentially eliminate the duplicate records) and (2) Tell MM that the music is now located on this new device ID?

I am operating on the free version of Media Monkey. Is this a problem? I will need to decide whether I want keep the pay to keep the ratings or just upgrade.
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Re: Changed my Data Drive. How to preserve ratings

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Remove files from the new scan (the working copies) and update the driveID after that: ... driveID.29
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