Tagging problem for specific artist's CDs.

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Tagging problem for specific artist's CDs.

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I have had a problem tagging the early albums of Ana Popovic. Specifically this includes the ones on Ruf Records and those on Eclecto Groove Records. Her later albums tag just fine. I go through the tagging process as usual, but then the tags all disappear and only the song titles remain. This behavior has occurred on multiple computers using different disc drives to rip the CDs. I don't know if this is some kind of protection encoded on the discs that prevents it or something else. I would appreciate any ideas as to the cause and possible solution. Thanks for your help!
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Re: Tagging problem for specific artist's CDs.

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Please provide more details.

Are you tagging CD's from her that you purchased? If so are you just inserting the CD, changing tags and then removing the CD or are you also Ripping the files?

Or is this an issue when burning CD's?
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