Inconistent playing of M4A

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Inconistent playing of M4A

Post by beerwithpretzel »

I just downloaded MM4. Thinking very seriously of buying the Gold version, but want to make sure it works first. Uploaded all my iTunes music and playlists. Most of them work, but every so often, maybe about 10% of the time, one of my music files will not play. They are all m4a format. I tried changing some to mp3, but still would not play. I get a message that it cannot find the codec. Takes me to a MM website page.

The weird thing, is these can be from legally downloaded songs, or CD's I bought, ripped, and one song from the album will play and another will not.

The error message is "Media Monkey cannot find this format" with choices of "cancel" or "find the missing codec" I click on the find codec, takes me to MM page.. I downloaded the codec pak, installed it, did not fix the problem.
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Re: Inconistent playing of M4A

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You should offer a sample to Support: ... ets/Submit
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