Hotkeys do not work

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Hotkeys do not work

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I even went to settings and reset them, still no response.
I am new to MM, just downloaded yesterday. In the process of switching from iPhone to Google phone, and have a PC for my computer, so looking for a good music app that can sync my music from my PC to my phone, and MM looks pretty good so far... I tested syncing on my android tablet.. there are just a couple quirks I want to work out before buying Gold.. the hokeys and some songs will not play.
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Re: Hotkeys do not work

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Re: Hotkeys do not work

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I just had this exact same problem 1 week ago, and the MediaMonkey team helped me solve it with the help of an auxiliary tool called MMKeys.exe (that you can shortcut to the desktop).
Here's the thread where this was posted: ... 86#p470988
Hope it helps.
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