Media Monkey Gold - waste of money

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Media Monkey Gold - waste of money

Post by jrblack »

I have just purchased and installed Media Monkey Gold.

At this point i am not sure why i shelled out real money for this thing - the Media Monkey basic version had been giving me some challenges so i thought I would pay and hget a more functional version of the thing.

The Gold Version is less useful than the basic version that I have been using.

I it sooooo sloooow. I can set it to Add/Rescan the download of a single CD. Just one CD. Then i can get up and walk away, have coffee and maybe a bacon sandwich and come back after 45 minutes to find that it is less than halfway through the Add/Rescan process.

On this basis, how long will it take to Add/Scan my whole CD collection - at this rate I will be dead before it is done (i have 500 ripped CDs). Looing at it it will take 50,000 hours and I will not live that long.

Complete and utter waste of my money and my time.
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Re: Media Monkey Gold - waste of money

Post by dtsig »

maybe if you describe your setup and version ... instead of this err post ... someone will try to help you. By the way this isn't the MMW forum .. this is for Android which is a very different product

Scan works very quickly here
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Re: Media Monkey Gold - waste of money

Post by Lowlander »

Which version of MediaMonkey and are you scanning just the folder with the files of the CD or the whole Library (or even whole PC)?
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Re: Media Monkey Gold - waste of money

Post by robojock »

Ripping speed of the cd depends on different settings and hardware. "Standard Read" being the fastest but also depends on the read speed of the cdrom drive. I get anything from 5 minutes to 15 minutes per cd. "Secure Read" is the slowest but gives you better results especially if a cd has scratches. Secure read depending on the condition of the disc on my setup can go on for hours especially if the disc is badly damaged on most tracks. From my experience slower drives take longer to read. For example laptop cdrom drives and external cdrom drives. Internal desktop drives read the fastest.
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Re: Media Monkey Gold - waste of money

Post by Peke »

Well, it takes 3-4 Min uncompressed raw read (without error Checking) to get 80 Min CD and on newer PCs it should not take much longer as Compressing thread is run in background.

When I was RIP all of my CDs I used Specially built PC with 4 CD-ROM drives and Ripped 3 at time while I used 4th to Add new CDs to MMW library and correct Metadata before RIP. Well 6k of CDs (mostly EP Singles eg. <30Min disk size) took long long time. Not even thinking about Scanning Album Art covers.

Because of your report, today I tested and I used one Random CD from my Favorites collection of CDs (others are in storage) which is Around 36 years old and played around 500 times took 3.5 Minutes to Scan from Start to finish and I like to keep my CDs clean and without scratches.
Here is test result for that 72m 28s Disk:

If you want to test feel free to do the test yourself using Nero DiskSpeed By doing Benchmark to see speeds for the disk and Scan Disk to see RAW speed on how long it takes to just read all Sectors from Media.

Regarding Scanning speed 200k of tracks in my library I collected over 32 Years it Takes around 4-7h to scan and Files are on NAS (Wired connection) depending on what I also do in background.
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