Storing and Naming Images

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Storing and Naming Images

Post by Brian Siano »

I have a set of files from a box set, which had a couple of small books of liner notes and such. So I'd like to include the scans of those books with my files.

I don't think that saving them to tag would be a good idea, since it might involve adding about a dozen graphics files to about six hundred sound files, thus making very large sound files. So I'd like to save them in the directory with the sound files.

How can I get MediaMonkey to use the file name of the graphics file? They're named image001, image 002, etc., and I'd like to keep that convention going. In fact, I'd much rather arrange the graphics files in a directory tree, and then have MediaMonkey simply link to them, rather than import-and-move them. Is that possible?

(It'd be terrific if MediaMonkey could manage image files the same way it manages media files. We could select a bunch of images, link them to an album, move them according to the tags, etc.)
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Re: Storing and Naming Images

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On the Properties > Artwork tab you can associate with any existing image files, thus keeping any organization you already have.

Do note that when using external Artworks this link can be lost (if you start a new Library for example) whereas with embedded Artwork this isn't a problem. So I recommend creating regular backups of your database as this would be the only link between the audio and artwork files.

This can be mitigated by storing audio files in Album folders and having their associated artwork files in those folders too. This can be automatically picked up by MediaMonkey on scanning.
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