Increasing Font Size

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Increasing Font Size

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It has been many years since I have used MM. For various reasons, my eye sight is not what it used to be. Tried to explore and thought I could find out how to do that! I was wrong! It am trying to increase the font size on the tool bars and menus. Saw some places it inferrer that I could do that, yet nothing seemed to work. Maybe someone here who may also be visually challenged knows how to do this? or even if not challenged, can lead me down the proper path.

My final goal is to get the mobile android app and be able to have access to my library in my car. Just to give an idea, I plugged in my ancient IPOD and into the cars USB port and BOOM there was all my music that was on my IPOD showing on the car screen! So, once I get the desktop set, THEN it will be time for the APP.

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Re: Increasing Font Size

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Tools . Options . Skins allows you to change it.
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