all smart phone users must read, MUST.

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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by Sailor01 »

Somebody who still thinks that FOX News is a news station, and not a sitcom/informercial for the GOP? That is truly newsworthy! :wink:
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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by rovingcowboy »

well its nice to see that i'm right in the fact that those that complain about fox news are those that don't watch it.
and are talking out of their backside when they say fox news isn't news, suggest you stop talking to michael moore and his friends and watch fox news you will be surprised as to how much crap that the michael moores and others like him are spreading. and you will see one of the largest libral hosts on the air is at fox news. geraldo. he's so libral i turn the channel when he comes on.
so they are fair and balanced as they have both people that you will like and people that i will like, i just don't understand why others don't like to hear the truth and must be fed that libral spoon full of lies they spread.
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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by AngeloHanna12 »

Smartphone need to get more secure so things like this wont happen.
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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by ElsaLSA »

Hi All, thanks for sharing all this info.
Smartphone is SMART so we, human being need be more SMART when using it :lol:
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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by StillLove-Vinyl »

This is why I don't let my kids have a smart phone. Too many unknown risks.
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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by karikat »

  • Smartphone applications can transmit confidential payment information such as credit card details without the user’s knowledge or consent.
    Financial applications for smartphones can be infected with specialized malware designed to steal credit card numbers and online banking credentials.
    Failing to properly log off from a social network app could allow an imposter to post malicious details or change personal settings without their knowledge.
Other smartphone security dangers include geo-tracking based on location data embedded onto image files; the transmission of confidential payment information without the user’s knowledge or consent; and unauthorized (and often unnoticed) premium-service orders on the monthly bill.

So... Be aware! 8)
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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by kshapiro »

It is interesting though all of this oversharing on Facebook and Twitter. With so many people doing it, the statistics that people have access to. It's changed advertising. Or look at something like Google Trends. People allow their searches to be sent to Google and all of that information is compiled to show interesting trends.

In terms of privacy though, most people I've talked to have gotten more upset about their phone number being published on Facebook than anything. And I remind them that we used to have magical books called phone books with everyone's address and phone number in them.
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Re: all smart phone users must read, MUST.

Post by fun123 »

Really interesting. I am glad I know about people tracking where you are through your images. Next time I take a picture to post online I will make sure I have the gps on my phone turned off. The whole story is kind of creepy.
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