Full CD or just the good ones

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Full CD or just the good ones

Post by cwlpel40 »

I'd like to know how you guys maintain your library (full albums vs partial and just songs you like)

I am contemplating the idea of getting rid of the songs that I don't like/don't listen to and I am a little bit worried to do so, I guess that is what is referred to as OCD.

My library only contains full albums however I came to realize that I have probably 20%-25% that I just don't listen to. There is at least a couple of songs on any given CD that fits the profile, alot of artist that I really love have also put out some horrible CDs where there is only 2 good songs on it (e.g. Pearl Jam, The Tragically Hip, Metallica...), yet I keep all their songs.

I keep a rating system and obviously those songs are nowhere in any playlist and they have a play count of "0". So bottom line what is the point really in rating songs with a "bomb" or 1 star, never listen to the song again and keeping it in your library?

Thanks for reading and for your input.
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Re: Full CD or just the good ones

Post by Lowlander »

I keep all files even those with audible corruptions. Those with audio artifacts get rated bomb, tracks that I don't like get 1 or 2 stars. Files I don't care for, but don't dislike 3 stars. Good tracks 4 and great tracks 5. I tend to just listen to AutoPlaylists with 5 star tracks.
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Re: Full CD or just the good ones

Post by Solitaire001 »

I keep all of the songs in my library, including duplicates. In some cases, the same song appears on many albums. That way, I have access to every song whether or not I ever listen to it.

To give those songs that I don't choose to put on my player, I have a playlist that loads a small randomly selected group of songs for review. Sometimes, I'm able to happen upon a gem that I've overlooked.
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Re: Full CD or just the good ones

Post by Fungud »

I keep them all, so far. But make tons of mixes on CDs of the really good stuff, and give all the stinkers a rating of 'bomb'.
To separate them from other songs I just haven't heard yet, :) and therefore still have a 'zero' rating.
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