Peke need help to win daughter contest

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Peke need help to win daughter contest

Post by Peke »

Hi all,
As a father I have obligation to help my daughter to win DexiCo LEGO Comic contest that she applied to.

Unfortunately, not all developers are dedicated to make quality apps and fix bugs like MM team :D

So, I would like to ask for a help which will get her enough votes.
Contest ends on 20th October 2017. So, if you'd like to help, please be quick :)

As said above, they made crucial bug in DexiCo Application, which do not allow Voting to happen, unless these steps are followed:
1. Click on This link to access voting ... iew?id=154
2. Click on heart icon below the picture to initiate Vote
3. Instead of archiving your vote, Contest main page will open "MOJ LEGO STRIPIC", where you need to click on button "POKRENI APLIKACIJU" and validate that you are using facebook to access voting.
4. When application finally opens, do nothing.
5. Next, open this voting link again ... iew?id=154 This time if you click on Heart icon to vote for my daughter's Lego Comic, your vote will be counted.
6. After that in Facebook settings -> Apps you can freely delete/remove DexiCo application. As you already voted, the vote will stick like it was supposed in first place.

This is just plea from my daughter who made all that Lego Set named "Rapunzel in Botanical Garden", where Rapunzel is in front of two Carnivorous plants talking. Left said: "She is sooo cute..." and Right replied: "O yeah, I could eat her up... YUM!"

Thank you all for help!!!
Best regards,
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