Cannot post/Cannot send messages????

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Cannot post/Cannot send messages????

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Hi all.

I am posting as a guest as posts under my user id (bigkid) are stopped as spam. This is odd as I have a track record on the forum, am not a spammer and I am with one of the more reputable internet services here in Australia.I have attempted to message admin rusty and while one message got through the subsequent message to rusty with my ip address is just sitting in the 'out box', where it has been for quite a few days. It is a bit frustrating as I am having considerable difficulties consistently syncing with to an sd card (three of them now!) in my new Samsung S8+ and in need of help.

Rusty, are you out there? Can you see access my message?


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Re: Cannot post/Cannot send messages????

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Hi Allan,

sent you a PM to this account with some details.

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