iPod Touch(1G) - No Album Art

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iPod Touch(1G) - No Album Art

Post by gmosley »

Is there a problem with album art and this model iPod? I select all the tracks on the iPod and then click on Auto-Tag from Web and then Auto-tag and the album art appears in MM but no sign of it on my iPod.
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Re: iPod Touch(1G) - No Album Art

Post by Lowlander »

I believe that this doesn't work on tracks on the iPod, just those on your PC.

Also Auto-Tag from Web only works on tracks from the same Album.
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Re: iPod Touch(1G) - No Album Art

Post by nohitter151 »

You must tag the tracks on the PC and then sync those files. The iPod uses a proprietary database for holding art and the only way to generate that file in MM is via syncing.
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