Can't get it to sync

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Can't get it to sync

Post by Springsteenfan »

I've just splashed out for MM Gold. I know all that's gone and I upgrade :) The reasoning being I want to run it so I can sync via wi-fi. Hoping that will be a) quicker and b) easier for me.
Anyway I have put my licence in and my Phone shows up in the tree as Phone (1) and Card. I wait till it's finished populating..again. I did have it so it wouldn't populate but my horrible memory has forgotten how I did it. So my music is on my E drive. I then go to Tools>Options>Portable Device Sync>Galaxy A10 Card>
Configure>Auto-Sync - Device. Then it has collections in the left hand pane and which files to keep synced in the right. How ever if I tick Music in the left hand pane the right greys out. If I try and tick the boxes in the right had the arrow to the left vanish and the box doesn't tick at all.

How does one start it in wi-fi sync mode please.

Where am I going wrong. It synced the other week, though it was a huge mess. But now I retagged all the Album Artists. It should sync perfectly. Should.
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Re: Can't get it to sync

Post by Lowlander »

If you select a Collection to sync, all it's content will be synced. Thus no sub-selections can be made. So you're fine setting the sync selection in MMW as you're doing.

Wifi Sync on the other needs to be started from MMA.

See: ... oid_device
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