Confirm updates & deletions?

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Confirm updates & deletions?

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OK, I have obviously inadvertently changed a parameter somewhere. When I previously performed a sync, it would pop up a list of playlists. Sometimes they were ticked, sometimes not. Nevertheless, I ticked all boxes and away I went. A little bit of a distraction but no biggie. My playlists were in sync.

However, I now get the following when I perform a sync (see attached). What is actually happening here? It asking to confirm deletion of playlists and I don't believe that I have done anything to suggest deletion. It does always seem to be the same playlists.

Also, I regularly change ratings on MMA and this is reflected in MMW. But I am never asked about it. Just happens.

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Re: Confirm updates & deletions?

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Check the Device Profile in MMW (Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync) and review your sync selection. You may not have those Playlists selected anymore.

Sync of metadata from device to PC won't get a prompt, it's a setting in the Device Profile.
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