Playlists are missing songs when syncing

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Playlists are missing songs when syncing

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I am trying to sync from my media monkey for windows version to media monkey for android version The playlist is missing songs, and occasionally a playlist I am doing nothing with that had previously synced properly loses songs for no apparent reason. Sometimes it loads a playlist with no content at all. I have tried syncing wirelessly, I have tried syncing with a USB cable, I have tried syncing through the tools drop down menu, I have tried syncing by right clicking on the playlist and sending it to my phone, I have tried deleting the old list and resyncing, I have tried just leaving the incomplete list and syncing again. Sometimes it adds a few songs, sometimes it takes some away, occasionally it gets all of them there but then I sync a different playlist and the one that was already there loses a few songs and the one I was actually syncing is missing a bunch. I have deleted the app entirely and tried to start from scratch. I have scrolled through this section and tried virtually everything else suggested but the only thing that seems consistent is that syncing MM is a pain in the ass and if it doesn't work properly once, then it never will again. Is there actually a solution to this?