MM4 Refuses to sync video files to phone

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MM4 Refuses to sync video files to phone

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I started trying to use MM for both videos and music on my phone. I made some playlists of both kinds and set them up to sync. But while the music sync'd OK, at the end I got a LONG list of video files MM refused to sync because it said they were some how not compatible with my phone. Gee, that's funny, they are all standard MP4 files and oddly enough when I simply copy them over manually they play fine on my phone. No compatibility issues whatsoever. I tried turning off everything I could find in terms of conversion in the syncing, no dice. I manually deleted all the conversion rules - no dice.

So, questions -
1) Why does MM even care if I can play the files on my phone? That's my job, not its job. Why can't it just copy the files, or give me a warning and ask if I'm sure?
2) I never told MM what kind of phone I have - the "phone lookup" function is a sad joke, there haven't been any new phones added to it in years and year. Why is it convinved that it "knows" what types of media my phone can play?
3) How do I get around this and tell MM to just get the eff out of the way and copy my videos without stocking its nose in? Who thought this was a good idea? Certainly I know a lot more about my phone and my files than MM does. So how do I fix this? Thanks.
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Re: MM4 Refuses to sync video files to phone

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Based on your observation it looks like Profile got corrupted and MM do not know what it can send to phone and what can't.

1/2. MM do not care what is sent to phone as once Phone is connected MM ask phone "What types of files you can play, so that I do not need to convert others for you? -> Ahh, those, thank you creating profile based on information you sent me." (Common issue with latest Apple iPhones that do not report FLAC supported even they finally added it after 10+ years)

3. In Profile options -> Conversation you can simply add all FILE FORMAT as forced supported eg. tell MM to ignore phone reply and assume that formats listed are supported by device. HINT: to select formats/extensions from list for both Audio and Video and Playlists (That is how you add FLAC for iPhones) After that you can export Profile and not worry setting this again.

Let me know if you need more help.
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