Needs Auto Organise v1.2.3 (02-07-06)

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Post by trixmoto » Sun Sep 17, 2006 2:05 pm

Looks good to me. Maybe MoDementia will be able to help you more.
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Post by Mizery_Made » Sun Sep 17, 2006 7:25 pm

Yeah, given that you said it looked good and not. I'm beginning to think it may be something with my PC then. As if you remember, I was getting those errors and you said it likely had something to do with MS Office (which I didn't have)

I still don't have it either, but for whatever reason... I just stopped getting that error, not sure what I may have done to solve it either. So yeah, maybe while it's not giving the error, maybe it's just giving a false sense of working. Wouldn't suprise me, sometimes I hate this PC, Lol.

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(Some of) The causes of your collective misery...

Post by tj_junk » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:00 am

Mo's script:
  • requires you to specify tracks tags as "<Track#:2>" in order to match the Auto-Organize. :(
    • o Auto-organize formats single-digit Track #s as a two-digit string with a zero prefix. (In other words, tracks 1-9 are automatically formatted as "01"-"09".)
      o In Mo's script, you must specify the number of digits to which your track # will be formatted, or else there is no formatting whatsoever. (For example, "<Track#:2>" will format the track number as 2 digits; whereas, "<Track#>" will not do any formatting whatsoever.)
    is case sensitive. :-?
    • o If you provide a mask that contains actual non-tag text, then you will get a "Needs to be Auto-Organized" if the case of actual filename does not match the case in your mask. (For example, a mask of "music\<Artist> - <Title>" will not match a filename of "music\Boston - Amanda.mp3".)
    doesn't support drive letter specifications or network share names. :x
    • o You cannot specify a physical or mapped drive (e.g., "C:\") or a network share name (e.g., "\\Shared Music") as part of your mask.
      o In fact, Mo's script converts the colon character in the drive specification to an "en-dash" (e.g., "C:\" gets converted to "C:-").
    doesn't support multiple folder levels in the mask specification. :evil:
    • o I generally Auto-Organise with this mask: " C:\Music\<Album Artist>\<Album Artist> - <Year> - <Album> - <Track#> - <Title>"
      o I also use "C:\Music\Christmas\<Album Artist>\<Album Artist> - <Year> - <Album> - <Track#> - <Title>" for holiday-themed albums.
      o I use variations of the above two for compilation albums that include various artists.
      o And I use a couple of other masks for "Miscellaneous Songs" and "New Music".

      o However, Mo's script only compares the lowest subfolder in the actual filename against whatever is in the mask. Thus, if my actual filename is "C:\Music\Boston\Amanda.mp3" and my mask is "Music\<Artist>\<Title>" then Mo's script compares the actual "Lowest Folder + Filename" string of "Boston\Amanda.mp3" against the desired mask value of "Music\Boston\Amanda.mp3". Thus, the script decides that "this file needs to be Auto-Organized!" -- which is incorrect!!!
      o If you look at the VBScript, Mo uses a function called "PathToField" to parse the song's actual filename and return only the lowest subfolder. This prevents you from specifiying multiple folder levels in your mask.
Other than that, it's great! :lol:

Seriously, I like the concept of Mo's script, but the actual script itself needs some tweaking. Apparently Mo designed it with a very specific/narrow purpose it mind, which suits his personal needs perfectly. However, because of the above limitations, it is not generic or flexible enough to handle the vast majority of potential users. But, if Mo/me/someone else addresses the above four issues, then it could be a very nice and very useful script!

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Post by Mizery_Made » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:41 am

There's always Un Auto Organised 2.4

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Yeah, yeah...Un-Organized, but...

Post by tj_junk » Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:19 am

I'm playing with Un-Organized right now. It works great --- if your entire library uses only one mask. The problem is: my library doesn't! :cry:

As stated above, I use:
  • 1) one mask for most of my songs.
    2) Another mask for holiday themes albums.
    3) Another mask for Various Artist compilations.
    4) Another for "New Music" that I need to review.
    5) And another for miscellaneous (generally one-hit wonders).
Un-Organized goes through the entire library and compares against ONE MASK only. So, in my case, 45% of my library fails that one mask.

MoDementia's NeedsAutoOrganize script lets you select a set of files and apply a user-defined mask. Un-Organize doesn't let you specify the set of files or the mask.

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