Node: Find Songs Not having Standard Ratings v1.0 [Script]

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Post by Big_Berny »

ThanKs for the note! :D But could you change it to please: "Note: The AutoRateAccurate-script uses these non standard ratings!"?

For the devs: MediaMonkey always uses a range for a specific rating. For a four-star-rating it normally uses the value 80. But also other ratings from 76 to 85 result in a four-star-rating. So my script uses these non standard ratings to distinguish them from you manual ratings as these have a higher priority. So normally it uses the rating 85 for a four-star-song. And every time you skip a song it uses a different non standard rating from that range. If SkipCounter is 1 then rating of a four-star-song is 84, SkipCounter=2 then rating=83. This way it can save up to 8 skips without using an additional field. Just to let you know. :)

But now back to topic.

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Post by TJOHO »

I am one of the users of Big_Berny's autoaccurate script, but I see autorating as a temporary thing - just to have some fairly accurate ratings in MM until I get around to rating tracks according to my taste. Of course, the autoratings also give me some idea of what I should put down as the permanent rating.

Now, the problem is to identify which tracks have been autorated and which I have already rated myself.

This node helps me a lot (thank you! :D ) when it comes to identifying the former. That is why I wonder if it is possible to modify it to also identify the latter?

I am thinking a Rating node that forks into standard ratings and non-standard nodes, or if that is not possible, two separate nodes.
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