Adding Songs (How can this not work?)

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trixmoto wrote:As I've said, the API is known to be previously lacking, hence why the new wiki has been introduced, so it should improve rapidly now.
I did not see you saying anything like that until I already wasted considerable time. What good does it do to provide information too late? It is not your fault or responsibility, of course. It is the fault of MM's developers and whoever did their web pages. If they would have just said their API was beta quality I wouldn't be complaining.

I am not complaining about MM3, after all. I am just staying the hell away from it. They warn me that it is beta quality. I don't want to deal with that, so I simply avoid it and have nothing to complain about. Why couldn't they do the same with the MM2 API? Of course, ideally they would fix it, but even if they didn't, admitting up front that it is rudimentary or beta quality would be much better than what they have done.
trixmoto wrote:And frankly complaining about "Terminate" is a bit childish, who cares if it's a verb, a noun or an adjective. They could use "Cat" instead for all I care! :lol:
Do you write code like that yourself, especially when you know other people will need to understand it? Why confuse people? Why say it is a cat if it's really a dog? Sure, once someone knows that the cat is really a dog they can deal with it, but how long will it take before they figure that out?

If I really thought you had that attitude, trust me, I would stay the hell away from your scripts, especially if I thought I would need to understand them.

Also, as I said (I thought clearly), it wasn't the worst problem. There are much worse ones. It just was an easy one to explain clearly. You said I should be clear, after all. Right?

Perhaps you are being a bit defensive, even though I was not criticizing you (until now). I do not think you should have used the word "childish", however.

Do you not view working with the API as a challenge and a hobby, as I supposed? Can you not accept the fact that most users of MM did not download it hoping to be challenged - rather, they were hoping it would make their lives easier, if anything. Why would such an attitude be necessarily childish? Most users would not want things to be called by the wrong names. Does that make most users childish?

My expectations were different than yours. That does not make them childish.

Just to put things in perspective, I could have written an entire replacement for MM in less time than I have already spent on one script that I'm not even finished with! Granted, it would not be as pretty and would lack features that I don't use anyway, but I already have a movie database application that would have been fairly easy to modify into a song database application. However, the time I spent on the MM script is already wasted, so I am not sure what to do. :-?

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imd1b4u is 100 % correct!
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