Script request: A way to manually change Volume ID

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Script request: A way to manually change Volume ID

Post by Caninus »

Sometimes I find that the amount the volume is changed when using the analyzer is not the best. In such cases I would like to manually fix this value but I'm afraid is not possible (isn't it?)
So, if someone could program a script to allow this I'll be glad with him (or her) for ages.

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Post by imd1b4u »

This isn't exactly what you are asking for, but you probably would be better off using some specialized tool that is external to MediaMonkey if you aren't happy with the way MediaMonkey is normalizing music.

Assuming you are using MP3s, a good tool (especially for trimming them) is mp3DirectCut. A script like ExternalTools v1.3 [MM2+3] can be used to launch it from MediaMonkey.

The gain is set inside the file itself (in all cases, as far as I know). That is why an external program will affect how a file plays in MediaMonkey (and elsewhere).

Actually, I've never used ExternalTools, but I'm talking myself into installing it as I write this. :lol:

that's not what i'm asking for

Post by caninus »

I don't want to affect the mp3 or flac file. Only change the Level factor in the Properties-Information window for best results.

Sometimes I find that the assigned level factor is lower or higher than I expected and I'd prefer changing it manually.
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