Network Streaming Music

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Network Streaming Music

Post by InTerNLErr0r918 »

Hey, this is my first post, so I'd just like to say I'm eternally grateful to all you guys in the forums and the creaters of MM. The software is beyond excellent and this amazing community has made it even better.

I used to use a service called LogMeIn, which offered remote computer control. I used this alot, and it had a feature called Remote Sound, which streamed all sound from the host pc to the pc which was remote controlling via a web client. This way, whenever I was away and had computer access with a sound card, I had instant access to MediaMonkey, both GUI and music collection.

Unfortunately, this feature is now subscriber-only, so I no longer have this feature.
I was wondering if there was either a script or program which would let me connect to my IP address and some port, and let me have some sort of a basic GUI which could stream music from my home computer. I searched around theee forums and found components which allowed control of MM, but not the ability to listen to the tracks from a client PC.
Oh, and it would also be good if this muted my home pc, since I wouldn't want to scare anyone in my house with tunes blaring from my computer. :D

Thanks in advance.
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Post by TJOHO »

LogMeIn also has a free product called LogMeIn Hamachi. This lets you create a secure LAN over the internet, so if you have that installed both on the host and the client, they can communicate as if they were on a regular LAN.

This, in turn, enables you to use the regular old Remote Desktop function that comes with WinXP. Connect to the host (using the IP address supplied by Hamachi) and you can completely remote control the host, all its software, including MediaMonkey. If you haven't used Remote Desktop or Hamachi before, some quick Googling will get you up to speed. Lifehacker also has some articles on Hamachi.

Somewhere in the settings you'll find a check box for bringing audio to the client and muting the host.

I have been doing this for about a month - I leave my office PC on (for various reasons that's where the music is) and remote desktop into it from my iMac at home, my XP laptop, you name it! :D
Also great for getting that file I forgot at the office or for printing something at the office while at home.

Good luck!
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Post by InTerNLErr0r918 »

I've used Hamachi before but only for gaming. This is perfect. It's like VPN, correct?
I use a HTTP server for accessing my home files, but I'm pretty sure Remote Desktop is only for WinXP Professional. I'm running Home Edition right now. If this is true, my real LAN should let me remote control other computers in my house, but I've never been able to do that. We're all connected to the same router and all.

Thanks again, I'll do some Googling and all.
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Post by Teknojnky »

what you want is basically called a 'upnp client/server' and MM does not have any of that functionality.

there is a script that can connect to some other upnp servers, but I'm not sure it has been fully developed/tested.

you might also check into squeezebox/twonkey that might be able to provide a solution, although I don't think it is free.
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Post by ZvezdanD »

InTerNLErr0r918 wrote:I'm pretty sure Remote Desktop is only for WinXP Professional. I'm running Home Edition right now.
Host should be XP Proffesional, 2000 Server, Server 2003 ... The client could be any Windows, even Win9x, CE or Linux with rdesktop.
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