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Re: RightClickForWeb With Tagging[MM3] (v1.60 2008-07-27)

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:53 am
by linn
I guess this script is unsupported , but it mostly works .
i have this problem: selecting text in the page and pressing the "comment"button i get "please select something first "
Anyone knows the solution? thanks


Re: RightClickForWeb With Tagging[MM3] (v1.60 2008-07-27)

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:51 pm
by tj_junk
cldcp00 wrote:Fix it It seems Windows 7 64 bit the ini file file is placed in the wrong location there are two Auto folder move it to the other one. and removed the NEW files extension.
To clarify: If you install "RightClickForWeb With Tagging" on a Windows 7, 64-bit machine, you may see blank "Web Lookup" menus when right-clicking on your files in MM. You can resolve this issue by doing the following:
  • 1) Go to the "<user>\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey\Scripts\Auto" folder, where <user> is your current user account folder (which is usually a subfolder in "C:\Users").

    2) Rename the "RightClickForWeb.ini.NEW" file (if it exists) as "RightClickForWeb.ini"

    3) Copy the ""RightClickForWeb.ini" file.

    4) Paste the copied file into the "\Program Files (x86)\MediaMonkey\Scripts\Auto" folder.
Now, your "Web Lookup" menus should have lots and lots of options. No more blank menus!

Re: RightClickForWeb With Tagging[MM3] (v1.60 2008-07-27)

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:04 am
by tj_junk
Web Lookup Panel:
  • Option Settings - Are there any configurable settings for this? If so, under what Tools > Options heading?
  • View Zoom - The zoom setting is way too high for most sites when displaying them in a panel. The user should be able to modify the Zoom setting, which the panel be able to remember. Ideally, it should support the 'Ctrl-Mouse wheel' standard.
  • Support Left, Right, and Enter keys - Those keys are currently being filtered while in Web Lookup Panel, so it completely ignores those keys. Makes it really difficult to enter or modify Urls on Google, for example.
  • URL/Nav textbox - Would be nice to have a textbox for entering the url.
  • Open in new window - Would prefer new window over docked panel, especially when using multiple monitors. Naturally, the window should not be modal.