A script idea... possibly.

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A script idea... possibly.

Post by chemacky »

I've been wanting this little simple update for a very long time, however I'm not at all computer technical, nor am I good with the search button. I am fairly sure it doesn't exist however... well as far as I can tell anyway.

Essentially, you could just right-click a song, or several songs, weather it is in the main window part, or the now playing part, and select "Play Next" or possibly "En queue" would be a better term.

Because I think it should work a little bit differently than the "play Next" function MM already has. I think it would work much better if it actually En queued the song/s so that they/it were played NEXT. Weather Media Monkey shuffling or not.

I think that just about covers it. So I'm just hoping that someone who can script would like this idea :D.

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Post by DaledeSilva »

anyone wanting to create this.. just a plan.

- add the command to the right click menu
- upon click it:
- adds the track next in the playlist
- checks if shuffle is on (and remembers for later)
- turns shuffle off
- sets up an event for onTrackChange

-upon track change, it:
- sets shuffle back to what it used to be
- removes the track change event

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Post by rovingcowboy »

in a simplely put way. you want a script to play next that overrides the mm3 default playnext feature and the shuffle feature?
because as media monkey is now set up it see's the whole playlist as one song to be played first then plays the next selected song/s.

why? simply because when you want to hear a song next you want to hear a song next. not after all the other playlist songs have been played.

is that correct? :D
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Post by chemacky »

That is correct!

I have an enqueue feature on my iriver h320, and I constantly use it! I really love it.

Someone with any knowledge, please take this on! <3
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Post by Steegy »

This is an existing wish. I think there's already a script for that.
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