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What about a formal help file for Magic nodes. That would be great.
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Isn't the Web-Site enough?
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The best scripts!!!

Please help me! I want to create node in node other magic node(or separate nodes). How?

Ignoring "The" in artist name

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Hi there,

My apologies if this has already been dealt with, but I've not been able to find anything to help me.

I've noticed that, unlike the pre-set nodes in MM, the Magic Nodes seem to order bands whose names start with "The" in amongst the letter "T" rather then the letter of the second word.

Is there a way to fix this?



PS: Otherwise this script is truly magic!
PPS: Sorry if this is stupid question.
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Can MagicNodes use field data from comment field?

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I've been directed here from my discussion in the help forum. I'm interested in the ability to create a MagicNode using data culled from the Comments section. I'm currently using all three custom data fields for other information and would like to store additional information.

My intention would be to keep track of the actual names of producers in various project names in this comment section. In my example from the thread linked above, for a track by artist Gargoyles, in the comments section I would list the individual producers' names (Simon Posford, Michele Adamson etc) separated by commas so that I could later create a MagicNode parsing this data. (With your help, hopefully)

Is this a possible use? Can data be parsed from the comments section for MagicNodes' purposes? Thanks for reply :)

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confused just told you in short what you would need to do in the other message you posted in the help forum.?
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yes, I saw that AFTER I posted this in here, based on the suggestion of using the comments field for data collection. The messages crossed in space.
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Script Error message

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I downloaded the Magic Nodes 1.3.vsb file. When I try to open it to add a line to the script I get this message. I do have the most current Script Editor from Microsoft (Windows XP Home Edition).

Error I get

Window Script Host Error
Error: Variable is underfined: 'SDB'
Code: 800A01F4
Microsoft VBScript runtime error.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me. Not too familiar with scripts.


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Not quite clear as to what you're doing here. Are you editing the script itself - or just having problems working with MN inside MM?

Does the runtime error give a line number in which the problem occurs?
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Sorry I had another post in the wish list and they directed me to Magic Nodes.

The instructions to add a line to have Album Artist in the Explorer Tree said you had to edit this file.

So when I try to open the file to edit the script to add the string for this item (per the Magic Note instructions) I get this error.

Yes it does give a line number, but I don't have it right now. If it is important to have the line number I can post the complete error message. I can't do this until Friday night, I am leaving for a business trip right now and won't return until Friday.

If you can help with this error I would appreciated it.


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Previous post in this thread which might address your problem: ... ght=#19611
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I have done a little search and this thread is too big to read. I'm unable to find an answer to this. I am not able to perform an action on a magic node the way you can do with a MM node. For example selecting a node and performing conversion. I have to go inside and to select all files and then perform the action. It would have been nice if I had not to do that. Do you have the same behavior?

Combining of fields with Magic Nodes

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As a quite new user of MediaMonkey I have just discovered Magic Nodes and it looks great. I have started to play with it and because I don't have many albums in my library yet, I was trying to create a new magic node, which would organize my tracks in a simple 1-level tree with Artist, Album and Year (and sorted by Artist and Year), like this:

Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights (2002)
Interpol - Antics (2004)
Strokes - Is This It (2001)
Strokes - Room on Fire (2003)
Strokes - First Impressions on Earth (2006)

I was not able to figure out how to combine the fields <Artist>, <Album> and <Year> to create such nodes. The only way I was able to do was creating of a custom field <ArtistAlbumYear> in the MM database with this combined information. It was working, but I still had a problem to sort the tree by Artist and Year - I could sort it by Artist (default) or by Year (with a qualifier sort by:max(year)|sort order:asc), but not primarily by Artist and secondarily by Year.
Is it possible to create something like this with Magic Nodes (or with any other script)?? It would make me really happy! :)

Thanks, Maoman
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Child of:Title ???

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Hi all,

Thanks for the script. I'm pretty much ignorant of SQL, but I've been able to come up with a few good things by starting with some examples here and on the website.

I have a Magic Node that I would like to show up on the tree between Title and Artist. But when I try to set up the node "Child of:Title" I get an error (syntax I think; I'm not at my MM computer right now). It works fine as child of:Artist and child of:Album, so I'm confused.

Any help?

Also, what does Icon:Top level, or bottom level mean? I tried playing around with that and couldn't see anything change.

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Does anyone know the code to show incomplete albums. I remember getting it from this post, but cant seem to find it now.