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Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 10:38 pm
by baker
I would exclude some genres to keep scrobbler from meandering. For example, last time I used it playing ACDC it next selected Queen and then Evanscensce and then Real McCoy. And then for some reason it got stuck playing Runaway repeatedly. It would be nice to be able to keep it more focused. Perhaps Scrobbler is not be the best source for this. Have you considered using AMG?

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2006 12:55 am
by Teknojnky
Perhaps when the script gets updated it will check for last play time and make sure an artist/track hasnt been played recently. That should help aleviate the repeats and same artists problem.

Whenever I start getting repeats, I find a new seed song to start and it works for again until it gets stuck in a circle of similar artists.

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:29 am
by psyXonova
Concerning Genre exclusion, this is already requested and will be added in the next version. Also a new option will be available. As you may know when you request a list of related artists for e.g Metallica, you get a list that besides other info, it also provides you with a "Match" value. This value ranges from 0 - 100, with 100 percent meaning that all people that listened Metallica, have listened this artist as well. In the new version you will be able to limit the Artists that ScrobblerDJ picks according to that value (e.g. dont select artists with match lower than 60%). That will make the music more "stable" but this is not guaranteed. A sidefect is that this will limit the script's selections and in combination with the other settings (genre exclusion, last time artist has played etc) it will probably lead to having a lot of tracks played from the default playlist.
Please remember that ScrobblerDJ's purpose is to "exploit" all off this user data located on Last.FM in order to allow us discover new music. Now, AMG for example it also has related artists but (besides the fact that those lists are not available for programming) this lists come from "experts". My opinion is that the true "expert" is the combined usage from millions of ppl from allover the world. So, i trust more than AMG or any other site. Also is my personal opinion that music is better when you hear all genres, so i personally like the fact that ScrobblerDJ jumps from one genre to another...

This will be included in the new version...

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:28 am
by Teknojnky
Yea I was referring to an upcoming version. :wink:

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:28 am
by psyXonova
Version 1.1
  1. Asynchronous XML retrieval
    Downloading of the XML data is much smoother now (MM wont freeze) even on connections as low as 33.6 kbits. Also, a timeout parameter has been added (more to come on this)
  2. Check if Artist's tracks are accessible before selecting them
    This has decreased dramatically the times that ScrobblerDJ has to add tracks from the default playlist, especially on collections with lots of tracks on CDs/DVDs
  3. Don't play the same artist unless X minutes have passed
    Self explanatory. Please mind that the script uses the data stored internally in MM for play history. That means that if you haven't played at least the 1/3 of each track, then ScrobblerDJ wont see it as "recently played"
  4. Error trapping
    Hopefully no more "line 290" errors
  5. Exclude artists based on Last.FM match
    Useful if you want to keep your music "straight". Keep in mind thought that high values (over 70) will limit the artists available for ScrobblerDJ significally
I am already developing the next version that will also add (among others) a "genre" based exclusion. Only problem is that an Artist can be associated with more that one Genres. This means that either an artist will be excluded if he is associated with a forbidden genre, or he will be included but then each track must be checked for genre which could make script much slower... Any ideas


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Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:35 am
by Teknojnky

A tip tho, you may want to update the date and add a version info to reduce any confusion between older versions.

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:37 am
by psyXonova
I allready added a version (1.1), its on the top of the post :lol:

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:55 am
by Teknojnky
Yea I meant within the script code comments.. the above code still shows 26/1/2006 so it could be a source of confusion especially for folks who aren't too familiar with scripting code if they just look at the dates.

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 2:35 pm
by powerpill-pacman
Oh no, i get even worse errors: 424 and then at the end it says something about line 56, column 2, i think, cannot really see it because there appears a checkbox in front of it, which reappears whenever i click it...

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:48 pm
by Teknojnky
I've started to get errors after awhile.

Not sure if its a memory leak or some type of infinate loop, but I can't see the details of the error and have to shut down MM by task manager whenever it happens.

Could there be issues with both google art finder and scrobblerdj since both run background after track changes?

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 3:53 pm
by psyXonova
Even worst errors? How did you came to this conclusion? Something must be wrong with your setup because none of those lines you mention should create problems....

Currently i cant think of any reasons.....
I hope those errors are not repeating. Also a full derscription of your system could be helpfull


Just saw Teknojky's post. Well i cant think of any reason you should get an infinite loop. What can i say, have you tried to disable any of the other scripts to see if you still get the errors???

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:11 pm
by Teknojnky
This is a screenshot of the errors im getting... a bunch of small errors continuously pop until MM shuts down on its own or I close it manually via task manager.

I unable to clear the small dialogs to get a full view of the main error dialog.

When this error occurs, the scrobbler bar at the bottom is rapidly flashing something about it can't find any files in my default playlist... so it seems like an infinite loop somewhere with a possible logic error that triggers it.



Steps to reproduce in my case:

These 3 tracks in now playing with autoplay on startup

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#EXTINF:313,Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (12" Mix)
J:\Music\Various\Various-1993-The House Of Groove\Various [(1993) The House Of Groove] {01} Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (12' Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:207,Cappella - Take Me Away (featuring Loleatta Holloway)
J:\Music\R\Rave-1992-Heavenly Hardcore\Rave [(1992) Heavenly Hardcore] {16} Cappella - Take Me Away (featuring Loleatta Holloway).mp3
#EXTINF:179,2 Unlimited - The Magic Friend
J:\Music\R\Rave-1992-Rave '92\Rave [(1992) Rave '92] {08} 2 Unlimited - The Magic Friend.mp3

Scrobbler DJ goes into infinite loop on the 3rd track "2 unlimited".

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:28 pm
by psyXonova
OK, seems like the main error behind is a scrobblerDJ error. Line 56 is about adding text to the status bar.... Perhaps there is a conflict there with some other script?? The second error is because the timer cant work correctly...
Now, the status bar text.... hmm that is really strange. For the script to come out with such a message you must have not accessible tracks even in the default playlist.

I dont know what is wrong but it seems like nothing is working as it should. So there must be a major problem otherwise i would have noticed it...
Does this happens everytime? Have you managed to make the script work correctly even for a while? Have you tried to disable other scripts (like the Google art finder) to see if errors still occur?

Please try to answer to all of this. Tommorow i will add Google Art as well to see if there is a confilct there....

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 6:32 pm
by Teknojnky
I removed all scripts except for scrobblerdj (including autoscripts) and did not crash.

I started with my autoexec script and whenever I enabled the following line, it would error/crash as above screenshots every time at startup.

Code: Select all

'  SDB.MainTree.CurrentNode = SDB.MainTree.Node_NowPlaying	'set selected start up node @ Steegy
I am not sure if the above is related to the same error/crash that happens while MM has already been running for awhile.

I will keep experimenting.

I am using beta 2 btw.

I disabled that line and re-added all the other scripts, but still getting the error.

It always gives the error/infinite loop whenenver the message "seems like you do not have enough accessable tracks".

edit again:
It looks like something in one or more of the autoscripts:
favouritenodes.vbs, magicnodes, mergeplaylists, openwa, radiofreemonkey, storestartupandfavourites

*also* causes the infinite loop at startup.

As I get more time I will try to narrow it down further.

edit again, looks like there other scripts that help cause the problem. It surely seems like an error within scrobblerdj, but I haven't figure out what situation or script triggers the error that causes the 'not enough accessable tracks' in status bar.

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 10:55 pm
by Teknojnky
OK well just to confirm, it happens with no other scripts in scripts or autoscript folders.

On 2 different systems, both winxp sp2 all updates. One is intel p4, other amd64.

Both beta2 943 (same installation actually, ran from an external hard drive.