Export/Import Playlists Version 5.4.1

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Export/Import Playlists Version 5.4.1

Post by Corpus_Chain »

Hi folks,

I just installed this and I'm baffled. I've read through the site's instructions and am really confused, because it doesn't have a simple step-by step guide. It's very complex.

I have some m3u playlists in a folder on my computer.
I want to import them into media monkey.

I think the key thing that's confusing me is that when I select the operation "Import to Playlist", at no point does it ask me to select an m3u file, so how does the addon know what m3u file to import?

What are the basic steps to import a playlist with this addon?
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Re: Export/Import Playlists Version 5.4.1

Post by Lowlander »

Just scan the location with the M3U files (File > Add/Rescan Files) and they'll be added to the Playlists > Imported Playlists node in the Media Tree.

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Re: Export/Import Playlists Version 5.4.1

Post by ZvezdanD »

I think Corpus_Chain is talking about my enhanced version of the add-on, although I don't know why he didn't ask for my help using my e-mail.

The site instructions in this Forum for the related add-on are not complete, the Usage section of the add-on's web page contains more information, especially the sub-section "How to: Import M3U files". Here is the excerpt from that section that explains what should be done for import:
"After according settings in the Options dialog box you should right-click a folder from My Computer branch of the Media Tree that contains your M3U files, choose the Import M3U Playlists for Child Nodes command in the Export/Import Playlists menu and in its sub-menu select the target playlist in which you want to put your imported playlists (if you want to put them directly on the first level of the Playlists branch then you choose Add to Playlists).

As you could see, there is not any new dialog box where you could specify the source folder which contains your M3U playlist files - you should select that folder in the Media Tree instead.

If it is still not clear, I will repeat: you will not be asked to select the M3U file at all, but you need to select the folder containing it in the My Computer node of the Media Tree panel. Please read the Usage section, everything is explained there.

By the way, the next version of the add-on will be a little bit more intuitive in this regard. After you choose the Import M3U Playlists for Child Nodes command, it will show the Select folder dialog box for specifying the folder with M3U files, if you don't have already selected a folder in the My Computer branch.
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