Two PC control

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Two PC control

Post by adrianmarsh »


Anyone know if theres a Control application to remotely stop/start Mediamonkey playing from one PC to another ?
I've MM installed on two PCs, and I'd like to control one from the other...

Not interested in streaming the audio, just a basic remote control for the other PC, preferably that sits in the System Tray.
Not trying to do a full RDP or Teamviewer either, just something to control the music.

I've MonkeyTunes installed for mobile access, but can't see a way of using that from the PC.


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Re: Two PC control

Post by Peke »

Not anymore, I created one sample app number of years ago by exploiting Win Bug, but they patched it.

Maybe MonkeyTunes developer can make same app for Windows Desktop also?
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Re: Two PC control

Post by Melloware »

If you use our MonkeyTunes plugin... can then control it from another PC (windows, Linux, etc) using TunesRemote-SE desktop application...
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