Queueing in MM's upnp player

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Queueing in MM's upnp player

Post by wetenhr »

I'm having a minor issue with use of MM as a upnp/DLNA player. For some reason I don't seem to be able to queue items in the player.

I have a library of FLAC files (music albums) on a Synology NAS, with MinimServer acting as a upnp server.

'm trying to use Linn's Kinsky app as a control point, with MediaMonkey as the player.

MM shows up fine in the control point; I can load things from the server into the playlist of the player in the control point app; I can kick off playback from the control point.

However the player only plays one track, then stops. Closer inspection shows that while there is apparently a queue of tracks visible in the control point, in MM itself there is in fact just the one.

I can easily start the next track from the control point; the question is what I have to do to get all the items to queue as a playlist in MM?

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Re: Queueing in MM's upnp player

Post by Lowlander »

Which version of MediaMonkey?
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Re: Queueing in MM's upnp player

Post by rivorson »

I get the same thing when I'm trying to play to Samsung TVs via DLNA. I've tried multiple controllers including MMW, MMA, and Synology's Audio Station and Video Station apps. The TV will play one track with nothing else in its play queue then after the track has finished it will switch back to broadcast TV for a few seconds before the controller sends the next track.

I haven't researched it but I'll guess that queuing is limited somehow when playing to a remote renderer.
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