Interesting behaviour of DLNA bug in MM4 but fixed in MM5??

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Interesting behaviour of DLNA bug in MM4 but fixed in MM5??

Post by inverse_of_zero »

Hi all, first post here (short life story at the end). I'll try to be brief (not my strong suit)!

MM4: when playing music via DLNA (MM4 server) through my receiver, MediaMonkey.exe just crashes after a couple of minutes (can't even play a single song). Have to either manually re-start the MM service or open the MM4 program (only for it to crash again).

MM5: works perfectly! Well almost, only works if MM5 is running/open. DLNA server dies if MM5 is closed. I literally wasn't interested in the Alpha except that it was a solution that now solves this problem. MM5 literally just copied over my settings from MM4 so yeah I'm using it for now.

NOTE: this has nothing to do with MMS. I did test that, and yes it does work, but again it needs 'something' to be 'open' and 'running' in the background (because, from what I can tell, it doesn't install a 'Windows Service' as such like MM4/5 does), so I figured it was just unnecessary to use, since I can just use MM5 which does the same thing, really. So maybe this post is in the wrong section of this forum (mods please fix), because this discussion has nothing to do with MMS.

  • Custom PC - i7, GTX980Ti, Ethernet to router, SSD (C:\), 16GB RAM, Win10x64 v1809 (build 17763.1) - this is where MM is installed and music is located on SSD for the DLNA server
  • Yamaha RX-3060 receiver (access MM DLNA server for music) with latest firmware - connected via Ethernet to router
  • Telstra Modem/Router (OEM from ISP)
Troubleshooted steps for MM4 so far:
  • .exe programs to be 'Run as Administrator' mode
  • Allow all MM programs through Win. Def. Firewall
  • Allow media streaming in Windows Network settings
  • Un/re-install MM4
  • Un/re-install MM4 service
  • Change MM4 server IP port number
  • A sh!t-tonne of other stuff lol, if you ask me I'll probably remember
  • The problem has just "randomly" come and gone over the years. I've been a beta tester for MS Win10 for years and years, so it might be something that the build(s) of win10 are corrupting, who knows. Sometimes I just tweak something or I do an update and it all works, so I have no idea.
  • I'm flagging this because whatever has happened in MM5 seems to have fixed the issue, so it seems to be an issue isolated to MM4.
  • Error messages from receiver (DLNA via MM4): "Access error". Then shows "Loading..." then "No content"
  • Definitely issue with MM4, because Win10 OEM DLNA server works flawlessly (as does MM5 server, IF the .exe is kept running, currently testing, successful for the last half hour no crashes)
If you guys want/need more details I might update this post and try to respond to replies. I've already wasted five hours on this; I swear troubleshooting is such a black hole for time. So I'll do what I can, despite being limited time-wise, hope y'all understand.

Cheers, George


Needless to say I'm a big fan/user/advocate/supporter of MM (having come from WinAmp back in the day) and have been for years (and hope to continue to be)! Decided to make an account and get involved in the forum/community.

I'd love to contribute to the MM5 build/discussion but I fear that I don't have much time or deep software/technical ability to do so. When I get stuck on MM troubleshooting, I lose HOURS of productivity (I'm a PhD student) and often end up regretting it. I might consider contributing/troubleshooting if people provide me with very simple/basic steps that don't chew up hours of my time (maybe taking videos on my smartphone?) if that would be useful.

Sorry, wish I could be more helpful, anyhow, I've registered an account, maybe I can contribute little bits here and there in the future :)
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Re: Interesting behaviour of DLNA bug in MM4 but fixed in MM5??

Post by jiri »

Since this works fine in MM5 and it seems to be some hard-to-debug issue in MM4, it probably isn't worth spending more time on it.

re. MMS - yes, it has to be running and yes, it currently doesn't work as a service yet, but this feature will be implemented.

Anyway, looking for more contributions from you! ;-)

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