Dead bug playing entry

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Dead bug playing entry

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I sent an mp3 file from WMP server to MM4 and it played, and I got the art in the now playing window. The summary/title info was apparent random characters, and I hit play on MM4 and it locked up hard. Got a new laptop that had a DLNA controller on it, and was doing some testing. I used the WMP on the laptop as a server, and MM4 on my desktop as a render target. I noted that even after shutting down the controller on the laptop the mp3 was still available
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Re: Dead bug playing entry

Post by dtsig »

I believe that dlna reads ahead. I had a situation where I was watching a video and continued watching for a while even though MS had installed an update and rebooted my server.
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Re: Dead bug playing entry

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Yes, this is normal. MediaMonkey by then may have cached the whole file, most clients read ahead of playback position, some load full file prior to playback.
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