UPnP conflict with another music app

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UPnP conflict with another music app

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I'm new to MediaMonkey & excited about what I've experienced so far. I encountered a UPnP/media server issue today & would appreciate any advice for a novice user, although this could also be a Windows 10 issue. I am running MMW Standard Edition on a Windows 10 laptop with the MM database & music files (40,000+ files) stored on a network share (Windows 10 desktop computer) accessed via my home wifi network. I could successfully see the laptop machine as a media server from 2 different Android devices running MMA … until I installed another music related application called "EZVinylTapeConverter" which is used with an Ion Audio USB turntable. Neither Android device can find the media server when the vinyl converter s/w is installed and they can only both see it again if I uninstall the converter s/w & disconnect the USB turntable. I don't use the converter s/w & turntable every day, but it will be useful to help fill in some gaps in my music library that I only have on vinyl. Any suggestions as to how I can get the 2 apps to co-exist would be great.
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Re: UPnP conflict with another music app

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Have you tried a different port for the Media Server in MediaMonkey (Tools > Options > Media Sharing)?
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