DLNA streaming does not work anymore

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DLNA streaming does not work anymore

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my beloved Media Monkey does not stream anymore to my Denon or any of my other DLNA receivers. The situation is weired: it used to work for years when my computer and the receiver were connected wirelessly to my router (Fritzbox). It might be connected to my decision to switch to cables. Maybe also a new Media Monkey version came out to that I updated. I don't know the exact circumstances anymore. Anyway, the network itself is still running perfectly. I can access all devices. Also MS Media Player is streaming from my computer to my receiver.
But MediaMonkey does not. Media Monkey finds my DLNA devices and I can select them accordingly. However when I click play, playback does not start. After a few seconds the song is greyed out and the next song is selected which again does not play - and so on.
Notable is: when I just open Mediamonkey with playback set to DLNA and I then start playback from either MS Media Player on the same computer or Media Monkey for android on my phone, Media Monkey for Windows will show the title that is playing at that time and the timeline is moving. I can even change volume in Media Monkey for Windows with the mouse wheel. If I then double click on a song, playback stops and above procedure starts: song is greyed out after a few seconds and MM switches to the next.
What is going on? I would be really thankful for any help.
Kind regards

PS: I already installed the release before and I also deinstalled Media Monkey. No change.
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Re: DLNA streaming does not work anymore

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Which version of MediaMonkey are you currently on?

Can the DLNA clients see MediaMonkey and if so play from it (so using device to play from MediaMonkey, not MediaMonkey to play to device)?

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