Verify setup please

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Verify setup please

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Hi, I'm quite new to the streaming thing and would appreciate if someone could provide feedback on my intended setup I plan on buying. I've used MM before but my computer went dead after more than 10 years of service. My next machine will be driven by Windows 10 Home user, hard wired to a dual band router, maybe a D-Link DIR-855L. I am looking at a Denon AVR-S710W receiver as a medium between computer and speakers. The receiver is located in another room in my house. That unit is wi-fi compatible although I couldn't find the wi-fi specs for it. It does say DLNA 1.5 certified. My music on my computer HD is alomost all in FLAC format with some mp3. The Denon is able to play FLAC directly (from their documentation).

My first question is will I be able to stream my music to the receiver using MM? Second question is will I be able to control MM via my cell phone or tablet, both Android devices?

Any comfirmation, advice, suggestions will be greathly appreciated. Best would be to avoid frustration in buying the wrong equipment for what I want to do.

Thank you
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Re: Verify setup please

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Yes, by your description you should be able to stream FLAC as-is to the device (sometimes file type support for DLNA is different than file type supported list). You can use MediaMonkey for Android or any control capable App to play media from the MediaMonkey DLNA Server to a DLNA client.

The forum is always here to try to help and just make sure you have a good return period if it turns out the device doesn't fit your needs.

For a device of this type I'd recommend:
1) Both ethernet and wifi capable. Ethernet is more stable and wifi is more flexible.
2) Both DLNA and Chromecast capable (and AirPlay can be useful too, but is Apple centric). As of MediaMonkey 5 both MediaMonkey for Windows and Android support both DLNA and Chromecast and with Chromecast you can get multi-room playback not tied to a single vendor.
3) Bluetooth, the newer the better.
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