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Android Gallery

Post by atomoverride »

Ok installed latest windows client, and android client last night. Only complaint besides the "no content" coming up issue. Is when I went to my Android Gallery found multiple folders / images for Album art. Anyway you can put this in 1 folder? as I synced a lot of music last night and had to scroll way over to get to my album pictures.

Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2

By the way love your product, long time user dont really post that much. Also is the windows client windows 2013 server / windows 8 compliant?
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Re: Android Gallery

Post by Lowlander »

Artwork options can be set in MMW in the Device Profile. If Artwork is synced as file it is saved in the music files folder.

MMW should work fine on Windows 8 and Server 2013 (however on Server 2013 it seems DLNA isn't available due to lack of support on Windows 2013).
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Re: Android Gallery

Post by captainmcl »

Yeah, I think the best answer is to sync the album art to the files themselves, rather than as folder.jpg, although I imagine that would save a lot of space if you had lots of albums where many songs could share a single image.

The alternative would be to download an image manager app that allowed you to specify the folders it monitored, and exclude the music folder. That seems pretty straightforward; I was surprised that the stock player on my Samsung did not allow it. I only use that, though, so I can't recommend another that would allow you to exclude the music folder.
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Re: Android Gallery

Post by joltman »

Pretty sure we can have MMW rename the album art files to albumart.jpg on sync to another device. That should remove images from the Gallery app. A lot of people on "the tubez" have recommended QuickPic as a replacement for the Gallery app. I just installed it. It's ok. It's got a few other features like photo editing.
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