Sync ratings back to mmw [#10619]

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Sync ratings back to mmw [#10619]

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Hi, the sync options are not entirely clear to me. I ued mmw to put some music on my phone. I change ratings on mma and i want to sync the ratings back to mmw next time I sync. I also have some new music on the device that I do not want to sync back to mmw. What sync settings should I use for this scenario? So I do not want to sync files, only changes to files
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Re: Sync ratings back to mmw

Post by captainmcl »

I second the motion -- I am hesitant to sync back because it's not clear what all would be synched. I'd like to be able to choose to sync back ratings, play counts, last played, playlist changes, etc., but I want to be able to explicitly choose to not sync back deletions, additions, or certain other changes. Right now my sync is prompting me for 600+ device --> PC changes that I do not expect. I can't tell what changes they are, so I'm scared to confirm it!
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Re: Sync ratings back to mmw [#10619]

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Added as to be included in Device sync profile on MMW part
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